After Apocalypse Games

About us

We are After Apocalypse game studio and strive to create games we enjoy playing ourselves, we love to create and we want you to experience this passion embrace you when you enter our game world.

We are currently working on our first title, Swamp: an interactive adventure in post-apocalyptic world.

Swamp game

A Gamebook with interactive battles and meaningful choices that will change your path into glory or lead you into a deadly trap. Compromises have little to no place in a harsh post apocalyptic reality. It is our first game under development.

Our team

Nerd with tentacles: he focus on development & integration, gamedesign, music & SFX.
Also active in communication, user interface and graphical tasks when needed.
Kink Avatar
Fond of destroyed worlds, fond of rebuilding them from the ground up. He is the man responsible for graphics as both a 3D and 2D artist. Also story and animations are his primary contributions.
Cryo Avatar
Living in a hut in a swamp in the post apocalyptic wasteland he sometimes lurks out to work with story, texts and communication. Optionally animations, music & SFX or programming as required.
KTT-Destroyer Avatar