Swamp is currently under development!

Your journey begins when you awaken in a back of a van with a dying man and a dead bug. Just before that, you and your soon dead yet-to-be friend were on the run for a better future across post apocalyptic wastelands of a region once called “France”. Attacked by a horde of bugs the van ended up stuck in the mud in the middle of a swamp with you as the only survivor.

Will you reach the destination on your own or with friends you meet along the way? Or will you succumb to the power of the swamp and slowly sink like a stone in the mud?

The adventure will be full of deadly and treacherous twists as the danger lurks in the shadows along the path.

Swamp cover


A Gamebook with interactive battles and meaningful choices that will change your path into glory or lead you into a deadly trap. Compromises have little to none place in a harsh post apocalyptic reality.

You are put into an adventure where what you choose really matters and the only way to explore all corners of the game world is to replay the game and walk a different path.


  • Story with choices that change the outcome and how the story evolves, who you meet and how far you reach.

  • Followers can be encountered along the way and if successfully accompanied, alike a choice will affect the story by giving you possibilities as well as limitations you would otherwise not have.

  • Items aquired along your path will allow you to solve problems and reveal additional interaction options.

  • Characters you meet will respond to your choices and the consequences can be as harsh as the wasteland itself: life or death, you or them.

  • Nickname that will summarize what you left behind as you walked your path. One nickname for every possible outcome bound to the choices you made. The endings will be many and different. Your accomplishments will be written on your tombstone as a short story (don’t worry, you will be able to read it, you just have to die first).