Demo update : bug fixes, feedbacks and french language added

We’re happy to write this first devlog post! Between the release of the demo on june 1st and june 10, the demo was downloaded more than 300 times, and we’re really encouraged by the feedbacks.

The feedbacks we got helped us to bring few bug fixes, some enhancements and grammar corrections. Here are the most important things to know:

-The “bug report” button now works even if the game is already started.

-The continue button is grayed out if no savegame is available.

-“Esc” key can now be used to open the menu.

-New mouse cursor: now the mouse cursor changes when over an interactive element, which makes those elements easier to see on darker scenes.

-Fight “tutorial”: now, a target will appear on the enemy’s body part to hit. Once the player successfully hits the target, it’s not displayed anymore.

+ grammar and sentences corrections.

You can download the new version of the demo here :

As planned on the initial roadmap for the demo, we focused the last days on the french translation, which is now hopefully finished. Polish and Swedish languages are now on their way for a future update.