Demo update : bug fixes, feedbacks and french language added

We’re happy to write this first devlog post! Between the release of the demo on june 1st and june 10, the demo was downloaded more than 300 times, and we’re really encouraged by the feedbacks. The feedbacks we got helped us to bring few bug fixes, some enhancements and grammar corrections. Here are the most … Read more

The Swamp Demo is available!

We’re happy to announce that the Swamp demo is out! You can download it right now on  for Windows, Mac and Linux. For now only available in English, but we are planning to release French, Polish and Swedish soon. Keep in touch! We hope this demo will help you feel the atmosphere of Swamp and discover … Read more

Hello world: After Apocalypse is alive!

Hello world! We are happy to make an announcement: After Apocalypse Games studio is now alive and kicking! We are three online friends who allied their skills and dreams combining their creativity together into one objective: create games, handcrafted with love (and brains!) and bring it to you for your entertainment! We are proud to … Read more